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Sebastopol’s top places for cider

Living in Sonoma County means living in California’s charming wine country. Residents and visitors can enjoy hundreds of world-class wineries and cideries scattered around the area. For the best cider in the county, look no further...

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What makes townhomes better?

In finding the perfect place to live, buyers may find it difficult to choose between a home and a condominium. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But for those who want the best of both worlds, the best choice...

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Spring crop; wine country; rolling hills; rows of crops; lush vegetation; Travel destination; rolling vineyard; agricultural field

Sonoma County for Wine Lovers

When peopletalk of “Sonoma County,” the first thing that often comes to mind is“wine country”. Sonoma County’s climate provides the ideal conditions for grape growing. The geographic differences and microclimates within each regio...

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Multi ethnic group of friends eating lunch in a restaurant

Where to Go to Brunch in Sonoma County

Brunch on the weekends has become a popular way to enjoy the end of the weekend. It provides a way to relax with friends and family while enjoying a delicious late morning meal. Being right in wine country, Sonoma County offers both excelle...

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Is a Gated Community for you?

On the surface, any gated community seems like paradise, especially after you’ve read their brochure or browsed their fancy website. After getting a glimpse of all the luxurious homes, high-end amenities, and gorgeous scenery you might al...

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