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Tips on Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent For You

The choice of a real estate agent is never one to be taken lightly. The house buying/selling process can be complex, and there are many facets involved. A real estate agent manages the entire process and keeps house-buyers aware of the ongoing situation. It is vital to interview a few highly-qualified candidates and choose the real estate agent that has the expertise and knowledge required in order to market a home in the best manner and to close the deal smoothly. Here are some tips on choosing the right Petaluma realtor.

Find Out About Past Clients

With so many Sonoma County realtors, to choose from, it can be difficult to differentiate them. They may all talk a good game, but they need to be able to back this up with results. Therefore, it is wise to look at past testimonials to see what their clients think of them. Additionally, references can be sought, and most agents will have no problems giving some contacts. This can provide information on their specific working style, and also show what their communication skills are. It is vital to remember that clear communication is an essential trait for all good real estate agents to possess.

Ask Them About Their Experience

Having the right type of experience is an essential trait for a good realtor to possess. It is good practice to ask them how many years they have been in the job, and what their sales records look like. In particular, it is wise to focus on their specific experience in selling similar properties in the area, and how long their listings typically stay on the market.

Talk About The Neighborhood

A key aspect of real estate is the local community and neighborhood. A highly qualified real estate agent is worthless if they don’t have experience in the local area. Be sure to ask them about their specific experience in the area. Rather than just marketing a property, the estate agent will also be selling the neighborhood. A good understanding means that they are able to understand local market factors, and also highlight amenities in the best manner.

Discuss The Marketing Plan

All good real estate agents will be able to discuss a basic marketing plan for how they plan to sell a home. They will have a close understanding of local market conditions which means they will know which methods to use, and which features to highlight. This is one of the most pertinent questions to ask since the marketing process will ultimately have a huge impact on the final sales price.

There is a lot to discuss with a real estate agent, and choosing the right one means that you stand the best chance of getting a fast sale at the right price. The best Sonoma County realtors are those with a good understanding of the local area, and those that possess the best experience. Brad Wilkinson helps home-buyers throughout the process, and his unique skill set means that he can help find the ideal home for the right price. Contact him today on 707.799.0455 or send an email to Brad(dotted)Wilkinson(at)cbnorcal(dotted)com.