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Sebastopol’s top places for cider

Living in Sonoma County means living in California’s charming wine country. Residents and visitors can enjoy hundreds of world-class wineries and cideries scattered around the area.

For the best cider in the county, look no further than Sebastopol. The city is among the leading apple-growing regions in the country. So it’s just natural for it to also be home to the county’s best cideries.

Check out Sebastopol’s best cider destinations:

Horse & Plow
1272 GravensteinHighwayNorth

Horse & Plow servesorganic cider sourced from over 30 orchards within Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties. They make it a point to work with only withgrowers who use certified, organic, and biodynamic techniques.Sustainability is also one of their top priorities when creating wines and ciders. 

For the best blends, theyusea mix of traditional and modern techniques to bring out the natural flavors of their main ingredient. The process starts by fermenting the apples separately then blending themto create unique flavor profiles.

Horse & Plow’s wine and cider TastingBarn is a showstopper. Situated on two acres of gardens and orchards, the tasting room is spacious and offers incredible views of the Russia River Valley.

ACE Premium Hard Ciders
2064 Gravenstein Highway North #40

ACE Premium Hard Ciders prides itself on being the original independent family-owned cidery. Started by Jeffrey House in 1993, the business has grown into one of the leading cideries in the country. House’s contribution to the American hard cider industry has managed to revive interest in craft ciders.

The award-winning ACE ciders are made with only the best apples and ingredients available. Stop by the Cider Pub, the first of its kind in the country, and try at least one oftheir11 ACE ciders on tap. Seasonal cider drinks are also available for the more adventurous drinkers who want to try something new.

Dutton Estate Winery
8757 Green Valley Road

Dutton Estate Winery creates theirunique ciders using Fuji, Gravenstein, and Golden Delicious apples grown at the Dutton Ranch. Their handcrafted process focuses on keeping everything cold-pressed, -set, -fermented, and -stored. The freezing temperatures make the flavors in their hard apple cider stand out.

Another key step in their process is putting the cider in neutral French oak barrels to give it an extra dimension. Unlike most ciders, Dutton Estate Winery’s ciders have a higher alcohol content because of the naturallyhigh sugar level.

Golden State Cider
80 MorrisStreet

The people behind Golden State Cider believe that every great cider begins with equally great apples. Thus, they use only the best West Coast grown apples from California, Oregon, and Washington.

Golden State Cider lets their apples shine through and work with its natural flavor profiles. Their five core ciders are Brut, Gingergrass, Mighty Hops, Mighty Dry, and Hamaica. These range from flavor-infused to dry ciders. Get a taste of their Harvest Series which offers great seasonal flavors.

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