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Best Decorating Ideas for Your Condo

Best Decorating Ideas for Your Condo

If there’s anything better than owning than a condo, it’s the prospect of decorating one – put your personal stamp on your space with these decorating ideas.

  1. What’s your style?
  2. Before starting your project, you must define your style. Are you going for rustic, industrial, shabby chic, or eclectic? When in doubt, ask an interior decorator or browse sites like Pinterest and HGTV.

    When decorating a bare condo, it is always a safe bet to retain most of the unit’s existing structure, and to express your style through your choice of color, furniture, and accents.

  3. Upgrade to better quality lights and fixtures
  4. The terms of your purchase contract will determine which items you can swap out. These usually include light fixtures, faucets, shower heads, cabinet handles, door knobs, drawer pulls, toilet seats, and window treatments.

    Once you’re clear, don’t hesitate to upgrade to fixtures that better suit your style. Brushed metal fixtures, for instance, give the room an industrial feel, while burnished brass creates a more rustic look.

    It’s also worth investing in smart home technology to make condo living more convenient – install motion sensor faucets and lights in the unit, and beef up security with a fingerprint door lock.

  5. Use adhesives and other peel-and-stick options
  6. If you’re constantly editing your space and putting artworks on rotation, consider investing in peel-and-stick options like adhesive hooks and washi tapes instead of drilling holes into the walls. This makes it easier for you to remove existing décor and put up new ones when inspiration hits.

  7. Play around with furniture
  8. Rearrange your furniture and discover the best layout for your unit. This is easier to do if you have an open floor plan, and if the unit’s built-in features, like cabinets and counters, are laid against the walls.

    You can also use furniture to create segments or divisions in a studio unit. For instance, you can elevate one area to separate the bedroom or sleeping den from the rest of the space. Cabinets and shelves can also be used to separate the dining area from the living area.

  9. Bring in some multipurpose furniture
  10. Multipurpose furniture is a great way to save on space and get more value for your money. Choose well-crafted double duty pieces that transform into entirely different pieces of furniture with a simple tug or pull.

    These include sofa beds, or couches that turn into beds for nighttime use. Drop leaf and butterfly tables are also an excellent choice, since these can be folded down to look like sideboards when not in use. Coffee tables that serve as storage space can also help you keep clutter out of sight.

  11. Choose a few accent pieces
  12. Bring more of your personality into the room by choosing some accent pieces, such as a small collection of books, plants, figurines, artworks, or photographs. Keep these pieces to a minimum if you have limited space – too many knick-knacks can bog down the unit and make it look cluttered.

    Don’t like accessories? Choose an accent color instead. Paint one wall a stunning shade of red, or bring in some throw pillows in a gorgeous jade green color.

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