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Be on the lookout for these red flags when choosing a realtor

Signing a Contract

Finding the right agent is a crucial factor in every real estate transaction. To ensure a smooth process, you need to balance credentials and chemistry. You want someone who’s experienced and capable, but someone you like as well, as you’ll be spending the next six months or so working together.

If you want to find the right Sonoma County realtor, here are the types of agents you should avoid:

Part-time agents

You want to find an agent who stays on top of the market every day, one you can count on for the latest information. For buyers, you need an agent who can provide info on new listings and give you access to these immediately. If you’re selling your home, you need an agent who is always available and can show your home to potential buyers when needed.

Agents who aren’t knowledgeable on the property type you’re looking for

If you’re in the market for a townhome for example, don’t choose an agent who doesn’t have much experience with selling townhomes. While there are many agents with multiple specialties, you want to work with someone who’s well-versed on the type of property you’re trying to buy or sell.

Agents who are not prepared for every stage of the transaction

Providing the best listings is one thing, but you need an agent who’s keen on all the details of every real estate transaction. An agent needs to make sure buyers are preapproved for a mortgage, issues raised through home inspections are resolved, properties are free of liens before hitting the market, appraisals are accurate, and so on.

Agents who suggest the highest price possible for your home

If you’re a home seller, it’s a good idea to get a listing presentation from at least three different agents. Ask each agent how much comparable homes in the area have sold for, and how long they stayed on the market. Beware of agents who give you a higher listing price compared to what other agents present. Homes that are priced too high will drive away prospective buyers, as they’ll think the seller is being unrealistic. You don’t want your home to stay on the market for a long time, as it gives buyers the impression that something might be wrong with it.

Agents who aren’t good listeners

Try to gauge an agent’s listening skills during your initial meeting. A good agent should pay close attention to what’s important to the client, whether it’s the features of a home or close proximity to schools or public transportation. While an agent should be a good listener, he or she needs to ask the right questions as well. Take note of any questions directed to you by the agent, as it’s a good indication of their willingness to know exactly what you’re after.

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